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Corporate Profile

SilverLake is a global frontrunner in enabling clients and service providers to transform their business operations to deliver information technology through innovative ideas and services. SilverLake commitment is to accelerate the journey on Cloud and Mobile computing, which helps its clients to have their valuable information in a secured trusted system and provide solutions which are cost effective.

Extensive Diversity of Customers

We work with organizations around Asia Pacific and Middle East, in every industry, in the public and private sectors, and of every size from small, medium to fortune 500. Our customers include Global manufacturers, Insurance, Retail, Banks, Internet services and Telecommunication providers, leading IT companies and Educational institutions. SilverLake provides technology solutions, products and services to clients in more than 5 countries.

Robust Headship Record

Our distinguished worth stalks from our sustained and substantial investment in IBM Technology for the past 12 years which lead us to have a strong Research and Development community with an investment of $50 million since 2002. To strengthen the core business base in IBM platform and extend the market to new areas, SilverLake has invested $10 million over the same period and has integrated the IBM power servers to support its clients and provide innovative cloud and mobile solutions.

SilverLake is supported by hundreds of technical R&D employees around Asia Pacific and Middle East region in the portfolio of IBM Systems and Software services. This commitment is to show case and create a total integrated cloud and mobile solutions and deliver the best total customer satisfactory experience.Our service excellence has been recognized by distinguished awards, we received from the IBM System & Technology Group in 2011 and is validated by our all-time high customer satisfaction scores in services and enabling the highest scores in certifying the clients. The Academy Award of best Mainframe delivery and the best technology software development on WebSphere, we received in 2012.

We operate delivery centers in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore & Muscat and R&D centers in India and Singapore. We hold the most stringent quality management delivery and operation process, where we recognized by a certification from IBM, which documented as Class A certificate.

We have brought success for the past 10 years in Education and Services to IBM Learning Services and ranked the Best Authorized Training Partner in India and Singapore. We are the Asia pacific largest education and service provider on Information Infrastructure and Software. We work closely with global alliance partners in delivering technology training, solution, sales and service.

SilverLake’s innovative concept of Rural BPO started its operation in 2008 with 85% of work force are woman, currently running in two locations of Tamil Nadu, we have processed so far 3.5 millions of Insurance and BFSI BPO documents. The plan is to open up more such centers across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka by 2013 to build our motto of woman empowerment in rural areas.