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z Series

z/OS, a widely used mainframe operating system is designed to offer a stable, secure, and continuously available environment for applications running on the mainframe.

z/OS today is the result of decades of technological advancement. It evolved from an operating system that could process a single program at a time to an operating system that can handle many thousands of programs and interactive users concurrently. z/OS is a 64-bit operating system for mainframe computers, produced by IBM. It derives from and is the successor to OS/390, which in turn followed a string of MVS versions.

z/OS supports stable mainframe systems and standards such as CICS, IMS, DB2, RACF, SNA, WebSphere MQ, record-oriented data access methods, REXX, CLIST, SMP/E, JCL, TSO/E, and ISPF, among others. However, z/OS also supports 64-bit Java, C, C++, and UNIX (Single UNIX Specification) APIs and applications through UNIX System Services.