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The Virtual Training Model

You experience the same high-quality training as you would by traveling to a conventional training center for both classroom instruction and hands-on labs without the costs, and inconvenience, of travel.

With SilverLake information System Virtual Training solutions, you can attend fully interactive, live training sessions from anywhere in the world using only your computer and an internet connection. From your desktop you can interact with other students and instructors in real time as well as access and control real equipment in the remote SilverLake virtual training data center.

Optionally, your training events can be fully planned, managed and supported by SilverLake including student registration and curriculum management services through our Learning Management Systems partners.


  •  The typical self-paced virtual class is a 30 to 80 hour, online course that uses web-based reading assignments.
  •  Multimedia presentations based on the same great content used in our classroom courses.
  •  Most classes offer content support by instructors and subject matter experts.
  •  Interactive exercises and hands on lab assignments using the actual product.
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  •  Benefits.
  •  Flexibility to train at your own place.
  •  Training from your desktop.
  •  The content and labs for all courses are available 24x7.
  •  High quality content.
  •  No travel costs.
  •  Lower tuition.
  •  Quizzes are incorporated at the end of each module to provide students with feedback on their comprehension of the material.
  •  Modular and scalable lessons.
  •  Many classes offer interactive and prescriptive training.
  •  Delivers same content, exercises and hands-on labs as classroom courses.


  •  Online classrooms providing live, interactive, instructor-led training -- with slide import, application sharing, screen capture, annotations, web touring, student surveys and interactive features such as breakout rooms, text chatting, hand-raising and question submission.
  •  An online hardware and software lab interface that provides virtual hands-on access to real equipment in SilverLake’s state-of-the-art virtual training data center from anywhere that you can be connected to the internet.
  •  A complete set of supporting services to help you plan, set up, and manage your training sessions and student's curriculum.


  •  Reach a worldwide audience quickly and easily no one has to travel or leave his or her workplace. Build learning communities and work teams through virtual “connections”, even though people may never physically meet. You can interact with and learn from fellow classmates during both lecture and lab sessions.
  •  Learn on complex hardware/software configurations without investing on them or managing them. Your information systems infrastructure is not at risk while students practice.
  •  Gain a world-class training at SilverLake. Take advantage of a fully supported solution including planning and resource scheduling, event facilitation and management, and “Best in IBM AIX”.
  •  For many classes, instructors are included “virtually” through recorded lecture and demonstrations.