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According to the recent review by Harvard Business Review, there is a direct link between training investment of the companies and the market capitalization. Those companies with higher training investment had higher market capitalization. It clearly indicates that the companies which have successfully implemented training programs have been able to deliver customer goals with effective results. It shows that good training results in enhancement of individual performance, which in turn, helps the organization in achieving its business goals. Training is a tool that can help in gaining competitive advantage in terms of human resource.

For the past 10 years, SilverLake has been a Leader in IT training enabling several leading IT Companies and individuals to handle the industry demands on training domain.

SilverLake has successfully trained over 25000 resources from all the leading IT companies across the globe on IBM Technologies.

Clients include leading IT companies like IBM, TCS, Wipro, HSBC, HDFC, Accenture, Scope International, Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines etc.

We are the proud owners of several awards including

         Best Mainframe Training Institute in Bangalore by BIG Brand Research.

         Awarded the BEST SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT on IBM WAS by BIG Brand Research.

Why SilverLake?

  •  The entire training force is IBM certified and is highly acclaimed across the industry for their best teaching methods.
  •  Caters to IBM STG & SWG Education needs in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.
  •  Education Partner for GBM to deliver training on IBM STG & SWG domains.
  •  Supports IBM India, GBM & IBM Asian countries on PowerLab connectivity for the trainings.