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BPO Methodology

SilverLake BPO is a structured approach to outsourcing helps in assess, analyze and arrive at the optimal outsourcing solution. Our credibility, built on a consistent track record of solid execution has provided us with a clear differentiation in the market place.


The Planning phase of the engagement involves aggregation and understanding the client’s processes, articulating the risk around these processes and developing a business case for the client. Pre-requisites addressed to facilitate the process of Planning are:

  •  Identification of an outsourcing champion/ resource within the organization.
  •  Alignment the strategy with the corporate.
  •  Establishment of clear timelines around the outsourcing initiative.


Transition is the process of migrating knowledge, systems and operating capabilities. It typically follows identification of appropriate processes.

  •  Prepare the offshore site to commence client operations.
  •  Document the processes and train process executives to execute the processes.
  •  Design, procure and deploy technology and bandwidth to access client systems, as required.

SilverLake BPO and the client, and is tasked with ensuring the efficient migration of the identified processes.


We typically deploy domain, process and technology teams to address each step of execution. These consist of:

Knowledge transfer, which includes the construction of operating procedures, preparation of training documents, and training executives to execute the process offshore Technology transfer that identifies the optimal network architecture, procurement of bandwidth and systems, and installation, testing and deployment of technical infrastructure.

The objective of this phase is to test the successful migration of processes to the offshore location, while ensuring that interdependent processes are not adversely affected. This takes place in the following stages:

  •  Preparation of the ramp-up schedule.
  •  Logistics management.
  •  Execution of offshore ramp-up and onsite ramp-down while maintaining continuity of operations and service levels.

Parallel run helps achieve robust and tested operations, operational with all resources and infrastructure to execute steady state operations.

Steady State

Steady state the on-going delivery of services. It also encompasses continuous process improvements in collaboration with the client, where the outsourced processes are executed as per norms.