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        IBM InfoSphere products accelerate the delivery of trusted information for business optimisation. Business optimisation requires information that is accurate, complete, in context and actionable. Achieving this level of trusted business information requires transforming, reconciling and maintaining information, and delivering it in real time to the people, processes and applications that need it. InfoSphere products stand alone in the market by offering the breadth of capabilities required for the end to end management and delivery of trusted business information to ensure competitive success.

What we offer

Information Integration

         IBM Information Integration is the leader in data integration. Our platform integrates and transforms data improving productivity, flexibility and performance, so you have the right information for your business.

Data Warehousing

         IBM provides a unified, powerful data warehouse delivering access to structured and unstructured information and operational and transactional data in real time.

Master Data Management

         IBM Multiform Master Data Management manages master data domains (customers, accounts, products) that have a significant impact on the most important business processes and realises the promise of SOA.

Industry Models and Accelerators

         IBM delivers market-leading solutions to critical information intensive business problems allowing customers to achieve new levels of innovation through best of breed Industry Models and Accelerators.