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Life Insurance

SilverLake's Insurance offering is "Accelerator i". A Receipting and Consolidation Management System handles manual receipting and consolidation process. The Web-based Accelerator i facilitates enhanced scalability, usability and performance factor implemented on System i integrated with core insurance solution. Secured, time tested and proven application implemented in all the branch offices(Nearly 2000) in India.


Rationalized design, greater standardization and product modularity are some of the most sort after areas of interest of manufacturers. This sector is forced to adapt to the change in the global market in order to protect profit and increase the qualitative prospect of the their product and services .


At SilverLake we work towards end to end solutions.Equipped with extensive industry, technology and delivery capabilities, we work on customization of JDA ERP modules on System i,based on clients requirements. Our current engagement is to optimize business performance, align technology with business priorities and reduce . Our Team supports India's Leading Group on Retail Chain in Merchandise Management System and Data warehousing projects.