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Cross Platform Apps Development

Mobile applications are great for your business only if you can tap into your target community. The target community will be a heterogeneous mix of different platforms. To customize your app for each native platform would be costly. We build cross platform solutions that help you create your app once and deploy later on multiple platforms.

SilverLake has successfully deployed several PhoneGap based cross platform development projects. We have the requisite skills and expertise to write code by taking advantage of PhoneGap build tools and plug-ins to deploy your application across multiple platforms within timelines and budgets. It is the only mobile framework that supports 7 different platforms including iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry.

Some of the benefits of using a cross platform framework are:

  •  Freedom from the native technology of mobile devices manufacturers.
  •  Leverage your existing skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  •  Ability to innovate with the native capabilities of devices such as geo location and storage.
  •  Superior customization due to open source nature of the framework.
  •  Huge savings in development budget and deployment on multiple platforms.
  •  Wider reach in the target community.
  •  Significantly low cost of introducing new versions and updates.