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Leadership Team

Lakshmi S, Director, India and Asia Pacific

Lakshmi S is Director of SilverLake Information Systems in India and Asia Pacific. She’s also the Chairman of SL Data Systems and one of the board members of PS Data Systems. Lakshmi leads SilverLake global Human Resources practice to ensure the availability of world-class talent to drive SilverLake’s success and also the global finance to ensure the profit rate of SilverLake grows in two digits, mobility of funds to build more of branches across the world.

Lakshmi takes care in establishing a positive, healthy and safe green work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations. She’s based at SilverLake corporate headquarters in Bangalore, India. She has extensive experience across the business as a director and as a functional leader, both in the field and at corporate, in services, in logistics and with partners.

Before founding SilverLake, Lakshmi was working with Pentafour Software & Exports as a delivery head and IBM India Pvt Ltd., as a Technical head. She holds a Master degree in Finance.

Lakshmi’s handles the subsequent portfolios globally.


  •  Promote effective team work between the Directors and Staff
  •  In addition to the Chair of the Board, act as a spokesperson for the organization
  •  Represent the organization at IBM community activities to enhance the organization's community profile

Human Resource Planning & Management

  •  Determine Staffing requirements for organizational management & program delivery
  •  Oversee the implementation of human resources policies, procedures & practices including the development of job description for all staff
  •  Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations
  •  Recruit, interview and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the organization’s mission
  •  Ensure that all staff receives an orientation to the organization and that appropriate training is provided
  •  Implement a performance management process for all staff which includes monitoring the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting an annual performance review
  •  Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance
  •  Discipline staff when necessary using appropriate techniques; release staff when necessary using appropriate and legally defensible procedures.

 Finance Planning & Management

  •  Work with staff and board (Finance Committee) to prepare a comprehensive budget.
  •  Work with the Board to secure adequate funding for the operation of the organization
  •  Research funding sources, oversee the development of fund raising plans and write funding proposal to increase the funds of the organization
  •  Participate in fund raising activities as appropriate
  •  Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board
  •  Ensure that sound book keeping and accounting procedures are followed
  •  Administer the funds of the organization according to the approval budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization
  •  Provide the Board with comprehensive, regular reports on the revenues and expenditures of the organization
  •  Ensure that the organization complies with all legislation covering taxation and withholding payments

Community Relationship 

  •  Communicate with the stakeholders to keep them informed of the work of the organization and to identify changes in the community served by the organization.
  •  Establish good working relationship and collaborative arrangements with community groups, Investors and other organization to help achieve the goals of the organization.

Risk Management

  •  Ensure that the Board of Directors and the organization carries appropriate and adequate insurance coverage.

Sendhil Kumar S, Chairman and Director, India and Asia Pacific

Sendhil Kumar is Chairman of the board of directors and Director of Asia pacific operations of SilverLake Information Systems. Sendhil has been SilverLake’s Chairman since 2002 and Director of Asia Pacific from 2010. He’s also one of the boards of directors of SL Data Systems and PS Data Systems.

Sendhil has led SilverLake through continued market share in gains and sustained double digit growth. He transformed SilverLake’s business model from what was a near exclusive IBM platform training organization to Consultancy, Services and BPO, with revenue of $100 million in 2012. He made SilverLake presence in Singapore & Dubai to address the global presence in Asia Pacific and Middle East market space in enabling business and service providers to transform their operation and deliver IT as a service. SilverLake accelerates the journey to cloud computing, help IT departments of Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing and Banking domains in a more agile, trusted and cost effective way.

In 2008, Sendhil oversaw the most aggressive new product introduction cycle in the company’s history to enter Insurance market segments and expand the company’s addressable market opportunity. He has expanded the company’s marketplace beyond small-medium business to large enterprises. He has engaged his practice heads and management team directly with the clients to consistently exceed customer’s experience for quality, service, innovation and interaction. Acknowledging SilverLake rejuvenation under Sendhil’s leadership, IBM awarded SilverLake, the Best Business Partner for the past 8 years and Brand’s Academy named Sendhil one of the Best Entrepreneurs in the area of innovation on IBM Technology for the second year in a row in 2013.

Before founding SilverLake, Sendhil spent 10 years working at Pentafour Software and Exports, Tata Information Systems Pvt Ltd., (TISL) and IBM Global Services, where he served as a key member in technology rebirth and revenue growth. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Application – MCA