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Fun @ Work 


is it a Oxymoron or the newest business management trend?

We at SilverLake by far believe that fun @ work may be the single most important trait of a highly effective and successful organization. We see a direct link between fun at work & employee creativity, productivity, morale, satisfaction, and retention as well as customer service and many other factors that determine business success.

Fun@work @ SilverLake is an integral part of our corporate culture. Fun is our organization’s strategy - or one can say our strategic weapon to achieve extraordinary results in areas of corporate life ranging from training sessions to meeting to hiring practices.

Humor consultant and bestselling author C. W. Metcalf wrote in HR Focus (February 1993) that “humor is a vital, critical element for human survival, and we often forget about it, and set it aside. We are told that laughter, fun and play are unadult, unintelligent, and non professional. Nothing could be further from the truth. But we definitely do not believe in that, as it is one of the first indicators of the onset of most mental illness which in turn is loss of the sense of joy in being alive.”

We have seen @ SilverLake that Fun and humor help individuals through crisis and change. Because they facilitate the release of tension, it also increases employee's ability to cope with stress on the job and to remain flexible, creative and innovative under pressure which undoubtedly is a central feature of a strong, resilient corporate culture.

We have observed that due to our integration in fun into work, we have lower levels of absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity, and less downtime. Fun and the energy, the result what it creates are contagious.

An organization’s work environment is both tangible and intangible. It consists of the physical structure of your operation as well as the tone that is set within its walls. It might seem difficult to get a handle on the tone of your environment. It is, however, a real thing and can have tremendous impact on your work. Hence we believe in embracing fun as the chosen tone for our work environment.

We foster fun characterized by positive energy, high self-esteem, and team spirit. People feel alive and want to give their best effort to the task.

Fun activities done @ SilverLake on a regular Schedule:

 Every individual is different from others. Everyone possesses a different charisma & inherit a talent which is different from others. Hence we give an opportunity to one & for all to conduct an event with fun & games in their style where in they take a charge of organizing the event & handling funds & ensuring that everyone is a part of it & last but not the least, having Fun!.

 This method helps in bringing out the shyness in you, the stage fear vanishes. If you are an introvert person, you stand a better chance to turn to an extrovert. You mingle with people from your work. Get to know them closely & this in turn creates a positive vibe across the organization.

 We believe in making an individual feel special. We bring everyone together to make that someone feel special who gets to celebrate their special day ( Birthday or Anniversary ) once a year.

 This is a gesture to bring out the kid in you and let you be that free spirit with carefree attitude & lets you pose a blissful smile on you just because others made you feel that way!

 We often ensure for an outing once in 2 months. This is a must for every organization. As this not only lets you free from official pressure, but also lets you take time away from home & discover a new you.

 You get to see a different place & stay out in nature which is so soothing. This helps you come to track and you bounce back at work after a brief trip with much more conviction in you.

 We @ SilverLake respect your religious belief and believe in Unity in Diversity.

 Hence by and large we celebrate all the festival and celebrate as one religion by being human.