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Why SilverLake?

Proven track record in the industry for More than 10 years IBM certified trainers will be conducting the training session Lab support provided on 24/7 Real time servers.

What about the curriculum and materials provided?

All the course modules are IBM devised and the course materials given to the participants are the best in class of the subject. They have a guided exercise part too for the participants to work out on everything they learn in the class room theory sessions

How about infrastructure facilities?

SilverLake offers conducive environment for learning in terms of class rooms which are well designed combining the technological aspects.

Does silver lake conduct only corporate training or public batches too?

SilverLake takes up training on both corporate level and from time to time public batches are also conducted. One who wishes to take up any course module can contact the learning services team.

What are the opportunities do i get in industry after learning these technologies?

All the technologies on which training is provided are largely prevalent in the market and lots of opportunities await people who learn them.

Do i get a IBM certificate once i complete the training?

Course completion certificates are given at the end of every module. If one whishes to take up any online certification, silver lake would assist in identifying the path of enablement to acquire it along with conducting classes on them.